Do you dream of moving into a long-term cruise or yacht rental destination but believe it is unlikely because of the expense and complexity? Dreamed you of boat cruising? Butina Boats can fulfill the vision! We sell private travel yachts regularly or in our exclusive bareboat Charter monthly discount scheme.

Butina Boats simplifies the trip for aspiring explorers with hassle-free long-term charters. Make the most of your time in the job or family and carry on improving your expertise in foreign languages, solve challenges, knowing more about local community and food, all of which improve your resume and enjoyable for the whole family. Butina Boats has been built by experienced enthusiasts that recognize the importance of fair pricing and accessibility.

Our guests also use our ‘dry run’ Long-Term Charter until they consider whether to purchase their yacht – an excellent idea. Butina has a catamaran now, along with other vessels and yachts.  And, our fleet is comprised of long-term and transoceanic charters. All are well managed and well-equipped. You are at the right place if you dream of having a cruise or buying your yacht!